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Lunch for Nablus

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Help the children of Nablus to overcome trauma and grief

21st April 2016 11:30-14:00

We are raising money by offering a lunch (soup, dessert, refreshments) for £5. It is at the Bridge in Dundee West Church. At 11:30, Dr Ian Barron from University of Dundee will explain the situation in Nablus and the techniques that the children will be offered.

DNTA in the Press

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Dundee Courier covers our Trauma project

January 2016

The Courier has published an article about our project to help children in Nablus who are suffering from trauma and complex grief.

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Our Newsletter

Our newsletter

Winter 2015

In this edition we thank people who came to our 35th Anniversary celebration, described our project to help children of Nablus to recover from trauma, published a report from Nick Steff who was one of four DNTA members to visit Nablus recently. We have a report on our Words:Walls film event and a description of recent changes to this DNTA Website.

Child Trauma in Nablus

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Effective techniques for recovery

Children in Nablus have suffered from years of military occupation. Many of them are traumatised but we can help.

Dr Ian Barron of the University of Dundee is training schools counsellors in Nablus to use effective techniques to provide practical assistance.

Training will be followed by a period of evaluation to ensure that the project is as effective as previous ones.

Dr Barron's time and other elements have been donated. So far we have raised over £1,100 of the £2,200 we need to cover the remaining costs.

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Words:Walls film at DCA

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Celebrating 35 years of twinning

We showed this film at DCA to celebrate 35 years of twinning between Dundee and Nablus.

It shows a trip through the West Bank with artists including two of Scottish poetry’s leading lights: Liz Lochhead (the Makar) and William Letford.

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Visit of Naseer Arafat

Man on Dundee hill

Architect and ambassador

We were pleased to welcome to Dundee Naseer Arafat - an internationally respected architect, development and planning specialist.

He delivered a lecture at the University of Dundee. In Dundee City Chambers Naseer met members of DNTA and described life in Nablus under occupation.

We presented a copy of Naseer's impressive book Nablus – City of Civilisations (2012) to the Lord Provost of Dundee, Bob Duncan.

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Nablus Avenue - a new street in Dundee

Street sign

We welcome Dundee City Council's decision to name a street in recognition of the historic links between Dundee and Nablus.
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An introduction to traditional Palestinian embroidery


Our embroidery course attracted 12 keen stitchers. We explored Palestinian designs and created some ourselves.
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Older news

You can also read about some of our Older news and events

Some of the included items:

  • AGM 2015
  • Convener's report 2015
  • Palestinian literary festival 2015
  • Embroidery project 2014

About DNTA

Welcome to the Dundee-Nablus Twinning Association

Our role is to encourage friendship and understanding between the people of Nablus and the people of Dundee.

We welcome members who share our objectives. So for enquiries, to leave comments about the website, or to join the Association, please email our secretary, Jane Barron:

Current projects

Children in traditional Palestinian dresses

Schools twinning

As part of the studies of Global Citizenship, pupils in Dundee are making contact with pupils in Nablus. They will be able to discuss their lives in their different cities, their favourite activities and their hopes.

Child Trauma Recovery - Nablus

Our project will train school counsellors in Nablus to deliver effective relief for trauma. They will be using the acclaimed manual on complex grief and trauma developed by the Children and War Foundation of Norway. Training will be delivered by Dr Ian Barron of the University of Dundee through the Palestinian Centre for Applied Research in Education (CARE). We will be appealing for funding for this project.

Poster for the film premiere

Our films about the people of Nablus shows the city and lets you hear about their lives in their own words. Making this film celebrated 33 years of twinning between Dundee and Nablus.

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Nablus our Twin City

A portrait of Nablus with comments from many of its citizens.

Full 20 minute film

Nablus our Twin City Schools Edition

This shorter version was prepared for use in schools.

Schools Edition (11 mins)

Dundee our Twin City

Reflections on Dundee & Nablus from two Palestinian young men: Rami Issa and Rafiq Zein Eddin.

Reflections on Dundee (7 mins)

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We provide speakers for local community groups. Several topics and formats available.

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Friendship and Understanding

We promote friendship and understanding between the people of Nablus and the people of Dundee.

Young people from Dundee and Nablus
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Friends of Nablus and Surrounding Areas

A Scottish charity which supports Palestinians in and around Nablus.