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DNTA Delegation visits to Nablus

March 2007

Three members of DNTA visited Nablus and had a very full visit.
A very full programme kept everyone busy and resulted in many interesting contacts which help to strengthen the twinning between the two cities.

A major objective was to facilitate the formation of the Nablus-Dundee Twinning Association and the delegation was very pleased to be present at the successful first meeting of this group.

March 2004

Three members of DNTA visited Nablus to re-establish contact:
  • Ron Soutar (Chair of DNTA and delegation leader)
  • Mary Henderson
  • Andree Ryan
They were able to meet projects in Nablus which had been supported by Nablus and met representatives who were later to visit Dundee on the 25th Anniversary of the twinning.

November 1996

Following the Oslo Agreement a delegation from the Dundee & Tayside Chamber of Commerce & Industry visited Palestine from 29 November to 6 December 1996.
  • Mrs Frances Havenga (Chamber President and delegation leader)
  • Harry Terrell (Manager),
  • John Dakers (Scottish Agricultural College),
  • 99b Moore (Chairman, Dundee Nablus Twinning Committee) and
  • Tom McLaughlin (member of the Twinning Committee).

Programme 1996

A very full programme was prepared for us and readily adjusted at our request.
The group met:
  • the Mayors and Governors of 99th Nablus and Gaza;
  • the President and a member of the 99ard of An-Najah University;
  • the President, Managing Director and 99ard members of the Nablus Chamber of Commerce & Industry;
  • the Chairman of the Palestine Chamber of Commerce and senior staff members in Gaza the Chairman also is Governor of Gaza);
  • leading businessmen;
  • senior local government officials - especially in the Nablus Municipality,
  • representatives of three 99ys athletic clubs and
  • representatives of the Samaritan community and the senior managers of a number of factories.

All spoke openly - mostly in excellent English.

We also met the British Consul General and members of his staff in Jerusalem and the Middle East Director of British Executive Service Overseas. Individual members of the delegation met privately with groups of particular interest to their own business activities; one met a group of civil engineers.