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Ongoing Work of the Association

Keep Hope Alive

Olive trees are important for the economic and emotional future of the Palestinian people. This project helps by planting trees for the future.

Olive trees provide not only olives but also the oil that is the base for Palestinian food. The wood is used to generate light and heat where there is no electricity. 70% of the families in the West Bank depend on the olive trees for their living. But since the beginning of the first Intifada (1987) Israeli military forces have uprooted over 290,000 trees, claiming that the groves shelter terrorists.

The YMCA and the YWCA (a Christian Aid partner) in Palestine are making good some of the damage by planting more olive trees, giving back hope and a livelihood to the people. With the £1,000 Dundee gave them they have given specialist help to the farmers and planted about 70 trees in groves on the edge of Nablus.

Project Hope

Project Hope gives young people a sense of self-worth and the skills necessary to make the most of future employment possibilities.

Project Hope seeks to give young people demoralised by years of brutal occupation a sense of self worth and skills necessary to make the most of future employment opportunities. Helped by international volunteers from the UK, Canada and the USA the project has organised major Nablus-wide art and drama programmes, English language classes, set up a computer laboratory and helped arrange for one child to travel to Italy for cardiac surgery. Future projects include the creation of a community training centre in one of the villages and the funding of a speech clinic. A penpal programme is being set up between schoolchildren in the refugee camp and in Germany.

With the £3,000 Dundee gave them they have bought materials for children’s programmes and are working towards opening a new club centre.

Zajel Youth Exchange

Young people in Palestine cannot easily travel, so this programme forges contracts with the rest of the world in innovative ways.

The Zajel Programme was established by An Najah University to develop awareness of issues and problems facing young people, to foster a better understanding of cultural differences and to make an impact on the local community. The hope is to reconstruct youth institutions and to build a network of young people willing to make a difference.

They propose to establish a chat room for students and lecturers to discuss, across the world, the important and controversial topics of the conflict and daily life in the Middle East. Another proposal is for a study tour for those who want to develop a clear understanding of the situation. There will be a further international youth work camp in August this year to share ideas and to give practical help to children.

With the £3,000 Dundee gave them they have bought four computers and desks and have launched the chat room.

Andaleeb Nursing College

Andaleeb Nursing College in Nablus is part of a charitable organisation, the Arab Women’s Union Society. This Society, founded in 1921, aims to enhance the position of Palestinian women in health, education and the social field. It runs a primary school, a girl's orphanage, a centre for blind girls and a hospital. The Andaleeb Nursing College was officially licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education in 2000, but medical activities and non-official training have been going on since 1948 when a group of women from the Society started to take part in aiding the injured.

The College runs diploma certificates in Nursing for both sexes. It was named Andaleeb after the woman of the Society who founded it and it is now in her house that the college is situated. At the moment there is only one classroom and very few facilities and, so better accommodation is needed.

The vision for the future is to become the Andaleeb Nursing University and to open a branch of midwifery. DNTA has helped by donating books and money towards this goal.